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CEO and Founder

Rishma, a Senior Global Leader with over 25 years of experience is appreciated for her ability to design and delivery of transformation programs and strategic initiatives across the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Tenacious and inquisitive, Rishma’s desire is to cultivate opportunities for individuals, organizations and communities to thrive - socially, financially, responsibly.


A young firm with a lot of heart.

Our firm is rich in experiences. Rishma's experience plus those we affiliate with should offer clients comfort and confidence in TESORO's ability to support organizations in navigating change - whether it be incremental or transformational.


So far, our client portfolio of industries include Consulting Services, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Resources and Transportation industries. Her work and volunteer activities span a number of countries including Canada, USA, Kenya, UAE, India and Pakistan. 


Simple. Practical. Anchored in leading practice.


Moving forward often requires a glance, a reflection and appreciation of where we've been. This is a short, focused reflection.


To do this, we need to first humanizing organizations. We get to know you and what matters to you – what you treasure. Then, we uncover your vision and assess how your current competencies set you up for success. 


Together, we design and implement a journey best suited for you, where you are, applying learnings in real time and with agility.​


Service-first orientation.

TESORO welcomes the uniqueness of each of its partners. It is what makes them, well, them.


We make it a point to be a partner with people in the driving of their transformational programs. We work centres on the impact and experience of and to an organization, their people and their clients.


We work across the public, private and nonprofit sectors and all industries as trusted advisors to move your vision forward. 


We are focused on initiatives that change the status quo, cultivate growth and drive social value.




Our book is a work in progress. There is a page for you.


Our book is named TESORO.

TESORO [ teˈzɔro ] means TREASURE. It is a term used to express affection, appreciate mastery or reflect richness. 


For us, TESORO expresses a commitment to uphold our values. It affirms our commitment to understand and acknowledge what matters to you. For us, the word and the firm TESORO pays tribute to that which you treasure. 

@TESORO, we believe there is no one treasure. We each have a symbolic treasure chest, consisting of items that are essential to having a quality of life along with those that offer pleasure, purpose and excitement.


Organizations across all sectors play a significant role in making those treasured elements. Sometimes they need to make tweaks or changes in how they deliver their products or services. There are time when they need to rethink the social and sustainable benefit their treasured elements offer. And there times they need help in bridging the divide from where they are to where they want to be. That's where we come in.


Whether the change is being driven by technology advancements or an intrinsic call to be more socially and environmentally sustainable, TESORO works with organizations to build the tools needed to bridge this divide while nurturing a culture of inclusion, openness and high performance. In a sense, we see ourselves as bridge-makers. 

1. Excellence

We commit to doing our best, all the time. We embrace a spirit of lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

2. Impact

We want to share our capabilities, experiences and time in service to your goals and a socially sustainable future.

3. Respect

We will honour the individual and all that makes them uniquely themselves.

4. Gratitude

We know you have a choice with whom to partner. Thank you for choosing us.


Simply put, we believe in humanistic values. 


There are many values that fall into this category, covering our behaviours to our perceptions, from our thoughts to our attitudes.


@TESORO we have chosen to highlight four values that form the basis of how we work. ​

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